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01 Mayıs 2024

Can we introduce you to Ford Türkiye's digital influencer, Alin?

Ford Türkiye is the focus of the second in our series of articles begun with the aim of sharing the innovations being brought to life within the framework of Koç Holding and Koç Group Companies’ Digital Transformation program. We’re going to take a close-up look at Alin, the ‘virtual influencer’ created by Ford Türkiye in line with its goal of offering outstanding, groundbreaking experiences and pioneering the trends of the future.
Text: İlknur Eşsiz
Launched in 2016, Koç Holding’s Digital Transformation Program aims to offer the power of innovative technologies to our companies and our employees by integrating digital tools into business processes. Every company taking part in this journey of digital transformation is redesigning its own strategic mission and vision in line with the technological and digital transformation of the world. In order to see the ‘big picture’ of Koç’s journey of digital transformation, it will help to understand the different projects being undertaken by all of the Group companies. In the second in our series looking at the digital transformation of Koç Group companies, we turn the spotlight on Ford’s Project Alin.

Alin holds a very special place among the Group companies’ digital transformation projects. At a time when we’re still trying to understand what it means to be a ‘digital influencer’, both here in Turkey and abroad, Alin represents a groundbreaking move that is attracting attention throughout the world of digital marketing. 
From a customer experience and marketing perspective, Ford Türkiye, like every other brand, is no stranger to influencers, having struck up partnerships with a number of well-known personalities. It is continuing to develop these partnerships – and this is exactly where Ford Türkiye, in keeping with its character, has adopted a unique approach. The company was trying to answer a very interesting question: “How can we develop a partnership that reflects brand strategy, not just through what it does, but through what it is?” In the process of trying to realize the answer to this question, the first seeds of ‘Alin’ were sown. While searching for a solution, or collaboration, it was understood that it would need to ‘represent Ford Türkiye’s innovative, future-oriented, technology-inspired vision’. And thus, Ford Türkiye’s own influencer, Alin, was born.
The ‘Virtual Face’ of Ford Türkiye: Alin

Next, it was time to give shape to Alin’s outward appearance, personality, and areas of interest. In short, the aim was for Alin to be a physical embodiment of Ford Türkiye’s brand strategy. For this reason, Alin has all the characteristics of Ford Türkiye, from her personality to her appearance. In other words, Alin is the digital personification – the ‘virtual face’ –of Ford Türkiye. Like Ford Türkiye, Alin is an extrovert, with an interesting, multi-faceted personality. She’s forward-looking, has a broad vision of the future, and her hobbies and interests were inspired by those of Ford Türkiye’s target customers. And just like Ford’s brand strategy, Alin emphasizes innovation. Outwardly, she is the ideal representation of Ford Türkiye’s dynamism – so much so that when you see her, you can’t help but think of Ford.

As the first virtual influencer, Alin is a perfect reflection of Ford’s motto, ‘The Future is Now’. In a sense, Alin should be considered a concrete representation of brand strategy. After all, at Ford, ‘Live the Future Now’ is much more than just a slogan. At Ford, the future is not just something we imagine, it’s something we’re working to transform. In line with this vision, Ford Türkiye has consistently worked to be the brand that recreates the automotive industry – so it’s not just a matter of chance that Alin is the first virtual influencer in Turkey’s automotive sector!